introWelcome to Healing Therapist

Join us as we explore a variety of topics geared toward the total wellness of our body. Everything we consume all the way to how we behave in our daily lives is projected in our health and in the body we are blessed with for a lifetime. From here on we should learn not to abuse our body but to simply give it the nutrition and attention it needs. Before we begin, let us introduce the root of all of our theories.

The majority of these practices are influenced by the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These theories are based on the most natural remedies developed in China many years ago and have been proven beneficial to many. Eastern medicine, when compared to Western medicine is more suitable to those whom are sensitive to medications and often suffer from side effects. The way TCM views the body, determines what causes illness, and treats illness is different from Western concepts. Eastern medicine relies on herbal remedies, acupuncture, meditation, cupping, and more. While Western Medicine, heals by using surgery, physical therapy, and medicinal drugs. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a holistic healing concept that believes that the mind and body are connected. TCM believes that there are other important factors when diagnosing a problem other than where the pain is directly coming from. It is often disputed that Western medication aims to suppress the pain for fast feeling results rather than to completely heal the area.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Qi is the energy or force that is said to pervade all things, even man. The more Qi one has the happier they will be and the less Qi one has the more negative they will feel. Chinese medicine gives you the possibility of choosing from many practices which can restore your chi to its proper channels. Qi can be found all around us, from the activities we take part in to the foods we eat. Having a good diet allows the body to replenish the Qi it needs to maintain health and protect the body from illness. Meditation, among many other practices seeks to increase the Qi circulation throughout the body to create a healthy, energetic, mind and body.

Learning how to acquire Qi will keep the body healthy by maintaining any imbalances in the body. You will learn how to strengthen your mind and therefore your body. The ability to maintain perfect health is not easy, but with several of these practices it may be achievable. Let us begin our holistic healing today by educating ourselves first, in order to begin our path towards a healthy and happy life.