What is a Massage?

Massage is rubbing, kneading, tapping or otherwise manipulating the soft body tissue with the hands or with some instrument designed for this purpose. Massage relaxes tense muscles, eases stress, relieves pain and can help you get to sleep.

Where Did The Massage Originate?

massageLike acupuncture, massage therapy originated in China about two thousand years ago. From there it traveled to India and took on a more sensual image. This is where the Hindu Tantric massage originated. It was used to awaken the kundalini or life force believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine. Massage therapy travelled on across the land to Ancient Greece where it was used as a remedy for many ailments, especially those related to the athletic sports that were so popular. Even Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used massage therapy in his practice. From Greece on to Rome and to Persia.

Now the full body massage became popular to loosen stressed muscles, relax nervous tension and increase the circulation of the blood. Western Europe and Sweden in particular, helped to develop the massage as we know it today. Henrik Ling, a Swedish doctor, is recognized as the Father of Modern Massage. Massage therapy is now known as one of the treatments used in holistic healing.

Can Modern Instruments Replace Real Massage Therapists?

Although several special instruments have been developed to mimic a massage, the most satisfying massage is still that administered using the hands. Perhaps there is special power in the human touch. Maybe it's just more relaxing because of the human contact. But whether it is a full body massage that can last for an hour or two, or a quick back rub given by someone you love, a massage is a great way to relax.