Benefits of Meditation

enlightenIn a modern world we live in today we are surrounded by endless distractions. Meditation is often used to bring inner peace in a state of relaxed silence. It is effective in developing detachment from small irritations and focus on keeping things in perspective. Meditation can bring numerous benefits ranging from your health to your concentration as listed below.
  • Higher self-esteem and self trust
  • Gain wisdom and clarity of mind
  • Better overall relationships
  • A sense of youthful happiness - reclaiming of the wonderment of life ( childlikeness ). Fun.
  • Openness to life
  • Reduced dependency on alcohol or other drugs or desire to stop altogether and to see what is real and genuine
  • At the deeper levels of meditation the blood cleans itself and you can heal the body more easily.
  • Heal chronic depressions
  • Become kinder to yourself and to others.
  • Stress reduction. Improved concentration.
  • More positive thinking
  • Grow inner strength.
  • Reduction in mental chatter, busy mind, monkey mind.
  • Marked improvement with sleeping and the advantages of good sleep.
  • An ease of dealing with previously difficult situations. A new formula, new perspective for approaching things.
  • Discover the purpose of life