Why Organic Foods

It's Only Your Health!

Researches have proven that foods containing chemical fertilizers and pesticides can cause major diseases and cancer... Needless to say that foods grown from chemicals will not bring energy and health to your family. Nurishing food should grow naturally, with natural fertilizers, with no genetically modified ingredients. In order to keep our mind and body healthy, to stay clean and clear from contaminations-- it is best to eat organic vegetarian foods.

Sustainable Agriculture organic

By supporting organic agriculture, the consumer is supporting a sustainable model of land use. Sustainable agriculture refers to an agricultural production and distribution system that:

  • Achieves the integration of natural biological cycles and controls
  • Protects and renews soil fertility and the natural resource base
  • Optimizes the management and use of on-farm resources
  • Reduces the use of nonrenewable resources and purchased production inputs
  • Provides an adequate and dependable farm income
  • Promotes opportunity in family farming and farm communities
  • Minimizes adverse impacts on health, safety, wildlife, water quality and the environment

Protect Future Generations

"We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children."
---Lester Brown

The average child receives four times more exposure than an adult to at least eight widely used cancer-causing pesticides in food. The food choices you make now will impact your child’s health in the future.

Prevent Soil Erosion

The Soil Conservation Service estimates that more than 3 billion tones of topsoil are eroded from US croplands each year. That means soil is eroding seven times faster than it is being built up naturally. Soil is the foundation of the food chain in organic farming. But in conventional farming the soil is used more as a medium for holding plants in a vertical position so they can be chemically fertilized. As a result, American farms are suffering from the worst soil erosion in history.

Protect Water Quality

Water makes up two-thirds of our body mass and covers three-fourths of the planet. Despite its importance, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates pesticides—some cancer causing—contaminate the groundwater in 38 states, polluting the primary source of drinking water for more than half the country’s population.


How about our drinking water?