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Here is a meditation news & info portal: basics & background, techniques, poses & postures, shop, products, & more.


An online mental health support community for people affected by anxiety. Thousands of members - blogs, live chat, forums, designable profile pages, games and more.

Blackhawk Healing Arts

Massage therapy in Waterloo, Iowa. Specializing in trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and more.

Bluelady Muse

Life balance and wellness guides for a mother's body, mind, spirit and senses.

Center For A Balanced Life, INC

Located in West Paul Minnesota offers therapeutic massage, energy work, couples massage and more!

Counselling in Bath, Bristol, & Somerset

Patricia Goodman, qualified personal counsellor, offers friendly and expert counselling for marriage problems, anxiety, stress, depression, sexual abuse, & more.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music

Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Feng Shui - Spacessential

Expert for home and business on the West Coast, US and Canada. Feng Shui, Chinese astrology (Bazi) and date selection. Authentic Chinese lineage and fully accredited by the Feng Shui Society

Feng Shui Import

Featuring wholesale Feng Shui products and Chinese gifts. Offers tips and horoscopes for Chinese Zodiac. Also offers consulting and affiliate program.

In our store you will find home decors like: lamps, tables, vases, statues and much more. Instructions are given to apply Feng Shui with the home decor you choose. Visit us!

Fountains Feng Shui

All natural high quality therapeutic crystal, stone, copper, and copper portrait water fountains. Give the gift of energy flowing water for a healthy environment for your family and pets.

Free Anxiety Help

A free self-help website for stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Site offers free information, direction and resources that will help lead a person in the direction of recovery.

The Guided Meditation Site

You don't need to practise any special techniques, you don't need to sit in a special position, and you don't need to go to any classes. All you need is a place to sit quietly, while you close your eyes and listen...

Happy Life Harmony

We provide simple ideas to improve life through Mudras, meditation, pranayama, acupressure and home remedies.

Health Spa Guru

Find health spas, unbiased reviews, photos, treatments, and facilities around the world.

Offers weight loss hypnosis sessions, helps you stop smoking through hypnosis, manage stress, improve public speaking, exercise, motivation and more from Boston, MA.

Inner Balance Hypnotherapy

Licensed and accredited hypnotherapist in central London, specialising in treating anxiety disorders.

Inner Tranquility

Serenity is necessary for life as food, water, & breath. Our Taoist & Tantric yoga tools reduce stress and help you create tranquility within. Downloads, coaching, consulting, free newsletter.

Insomnia Store UK

Offering products for insomnia baby sleep anxiety, health depression, stress & sleeplessness.

Mastery of Yoga & Meditation

Free online Kundalini yoga and guided meditation classes are offered. Programs are geared towards helping students achieve health, happiness and wisdom. Emphasis on self-realization.

Moodstreams - Soundtracks for Relaxation, Meditation, & Hypnosis

High-quality audio recordings of nature sounds, brainwave entrainment sessions, and complete hypnosis sessions for common issues.

New Dawn of Opportunities

A holistic counseling approach, assisting those going through change or a healing process, who are stressed and frustrated about what their life has become. Phone,CDs and Reiki sessions also available

Peace of Mind, Body & Soul

Products & services to help maintain wellness: equine massage, animal communication, reiki, raindrop technique, and more.

Ready To

Offering spiritual meditation, spirituality and healing, & transformations. Philadelphia's premier holistic learning center.

Relax For Success

I offer individual and group stress management, life balance training and meditation training. Audio products to help you lose weight, overcome insomnia and just plain relax to enjoy more of your life.

Sage Meditation

Offers exceptional products for meditation, yoga, and massage therapy. Featuring the Gong Meditation Timer.

Soulful Energetics

Healing of mind, body, spirit, and emotions with holistic counseling and energy psychology.

Sound Energy Healing

Tibetan bowls are used for meditation and as an integral part of the healing process for all stress based conditions. Articles, resources, programs and events. Free sound healing newsletter.

SoundMind Meditation Project

The most comprehensive insight meditation course available. Guided binaural brainwave therapy - SMMP uses the best of 21st century science to help you focus your mind on age-old meditation wisdom.

Sublime Wind Chime

Shop an eclectic variety of bamboo, glass or metal wind chimes. Perfect for garden, gifts, or soothing home-decor. Shop securely online now!

Tap Into Heaven

A resource center for energy medicine to balance the body's energy, eliminate toxic emotions and physical discomfort, and instill positive changes in your life.

Tranquility is Yours

Escape your daily stresses, relax with tranquil videos, and learn stress reducing techniques through meditation and yoga.

Willow Rose, LPC at Spirit Well

Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist for mind, body and spirit wellness and healing located in Eugene, Oregon.

ZenSpired Home

We offer Zen inspired table, floor, wall, & ceiling lamps, bathroom decor, and other decorative accessories for your living space.

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