Methods of Meditation

There are many different ways meditation can be practiced. It is important to try several methods to test out what works best for you. Though there are different ways to meditate, they are similar in the fundamental aspect that they rely on clearing the mind and relaxing the body. The underlying principles of meditation are simple and straightforward. Concentration is the most important element so it is important to focus on one object at a time. As soon as thoughts begin to wander it is important to slowly bring them back to focus. Avoid distracting environments by meditating in quiet areas where there are no disruptions. Deter from irrelevant thoughts and sensations that our bodies naturally feel.


Mindful Meditation:

Also known as Vipassana, means to see things as they really are. Mindful meditation is a state of present awareness. It consists of being aware of your current surroundings, thoughts, and feelings during the process of meditation. To begin this type of meditation start by sitting comfortably with your spine erect. Bring your focus to your breath as you inhale and exhale naturally. As your thoughts begin to flow do not attempt to control them. Process them without judgment even if they are fearful or angry thoughts. Do not get carried away and continue to observe your thoughts without suppressing them. Mindful meditation allows us to become aware of our inner thoughts and helps us accept and deal with difficult and stressful situations on our life. It prevents our mind from being easily distracted while focusing on the more important thoughts in a relaxed state.

Walking Meditation:

This technique consists of constant walking instead of sitting still. This can be done inside or outside as long as there is a clear path and it is quiet. When walking it is important to focus on breathing and the natural movement of your legs as they connect with the nature of the ground. As the mind starts to wander concentrate on the movement of your body. This method of meditation can be difficult because the mind can easily wander with the constant movement of the feet.

Empty Mind Meditation:

This type of meditation is not easy for beginners to do because it involves clearing all the thoughts in our mind. This allows the brain to be put to rest and peacefulness to take over. Sitting cross legged in a quiet surrounding with the spine erect is the best posture.

Mantra Meditation:

Mantra is a word of phrase you repeat to yourself for a beneficial effect. It is used in meditation because instead of clearing your mind of all your thoughts you allow yourself to channel focus on one thought. Your mantra should be something meaningful that will evoke a certain feeling of energy or relaxation. Examples of Mantra would be “I am beautiful, I am free of sadness, or I love myself.” These are just a few of the most popular meditation practices. Continue to try several methods to figure out which one works best for your mind and body.