Theory Behind Qi's Healing Power


Theories state that the reason we know about Qi and can express it is because it actually exists. Theorists state that experiencing Qi is no different than wine tasters stating they have “calibrated tongues” or perfume experts with “calibrated noses”. In fact there are Qi masters who have trained and become very aware and sensitive to Qi. Qi is the strong emotion such as love or hate. The happier you are feeling means you have an increased amount of Qi flowing through your body. For example, walking outdoors tends to invigorate the Qi in people and make them happier after their walk.

Dr. Yury Khronos has invented a complex Qi generator that has been found to have many various effects on people. The Qi generator was developed to reproduce Qi patterns that can be played on any standard audio equipment. The Qi generator produces electromagnetic waves that cannot be heard but have reported to be beneficial even if carried in the pocket. The generator is not to replace the natural Qi around us, but to be used as a learning tool that teaches Qi awareness and knowledge. Above is a photo of a Qi generator that is used to charge to a cassette tape. These cassette tapes are then used in audio equipment or simply to be placed in your pocket.

Physical Activity & Attitude

Another theory behind Qi healing power are the everyday physical activities you can practice to increase your Qi. These exercises include Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, or acupuncture. Qi Gong is a physical exercise practiced to gather heavenly Qi and bring it down to earth. It is done by reaching your arms into the sky in a ball shaped form and gathering as much Qi as you can then pushing the energy down towards the ground while bending your knees. This exercise allows Qi to quickly flow through your body while allowing you to enter a place of peace and quiet within yourself. Chinese doctors state that these movements not only maintain health, but also cure illnesses.

Lastly, a very interesting theory of the healing power of Qi has to do with our attitudes. Theorists say we are the ultimate healer of our sickness, not others. Energy cannot be destroyed and is instead transformed from positive to negative or negative to positive energy. Negative energy creates pain and problems to parts of the body such as the heart and the liver. Depression for an example can cause stomach ulcers or indigestion and anger can cause liver problems. Positive energy increases the flow of energy which increases the Qi in our body. This theory stresses its importance on staying positive about everything in life in order to maintain our health. When we continue to project anger or negative thoughts we are not only hurting the people around us but also hurting ourselves.