What is Qi in Eastern Culture?


QiQi (Pronounced Chi) is often defined as the life force or the energy that is said to pervade all things. Qi originated from the Chinese culture and literally means “air” or “breath”. Qi cannot be seen because it is purely in the sky, around the atmosphere, and even in our body. An essential belief of Qi is that it is the substance that forms everything, even man. Qi is the belief that all physiological and pathological activities are caused by the normal and abnormal movements of Qi.

Basic Types of Qi

There are two types of Qi known as Congenital and Acquired Qi. Congenital Qi is xborn within us and Acquired Qi is developed from the foods we eat and the air that we breathe. Congenital Qi can be inherited from our parents and stored in multiple body parts. It can also be called heavenly Qi because it is said when we come back into this world we bring a bit of heaven with us. Those born with deficiencies are known to have weak Congenital Qi. The Qi that we are born with can be conserved but not replenished so there are several exercises that are meant to build Qi. Acquired Qi can be stored and replenished with the food that we eat and the air that we breathe.

Importance of Understanding Qi

The importance to understanding Qi will help us maintain healthy lifestyles. Acquired Qi, also known as Ying Qi, is stored in the kidneys from the food that we eat. Over time the Acquired Qi is depleted by day to day activities. A bad diet or illness stops the body from replenishing the Qi our body needs. This is why it is important to eat healthy so we can steer clear of disease and sickness. Qi is very important because it is said to be responsible for circulating the blood flow throughout our body. A healthy body is one that that has the correct flow of Qi.

Qi is responsible for many functions in our body since it stabilizes imbalances in the human body. Qi assists in the formation and growth within the body by turning food into Qi. Qi protects us by defending our body from external pathogens. It also holds organs in place by regulating blood flow in all organs and governs the removal of fluids. Qi is responsible for maintaining all the movement in our body as well as providing warmth for the body. The purpose of understanding Qi is to realize that it is designed to heal the spirit and bring peace and harmony to our mind and spirit. The Qi theory is to promote metaphysical wellness at the energetic level as well as learn to treat disease in the physical level.